What people are saying about my work:



“We hung the 5 pieces that we got from you this past weekend and we are just in love with them!!! They are hanging on the wall in our den. The problem is that when we are watching TV, we find ourselves staring at the wall. They are truly amazing pieces of art. We have a lot of interesting pieces in our home, but we have both decided that your works are tough to beat.”



“The details of your work are not done justice by the photos on your website. I own three of your whimsical pieces and can personally attest that they are superbly well-crafted and meticulous in detail and follow-through.”

“I can’t possibly overstate the awe and wonder and absolute love I have for all of your work. I am almost never moved by art anymore. I went to art school in New York and Chicago and it made me really jaded. So it’s a delight to round the corner and see your work, and feel that complete inspiration that I felt the first time I saw a Cornell box or Henry Darger. It’s amazing. Thank you for making it.”




“Today I fell in love with your work and purchased the ‘You Compleat Me’ box. It is such a beautiful piece of art, and at the same time, I think it has such great humor and fun. You are so talented and I am sure many people are inspired by your art every day.”

OOAK NYC2“I thought your use of real butterfly wings was brilliant and kudos to you for thinking of something different in the whole “wings” department.”

“Every time I peek into the world of artist Stephanie Rubiano, I become lost and enchanted with the vintage photos and the art that she creates with the images. Stephanie always sticks to images of people and gives each of the characters their own personalities using charming details such as wings, crowns and tiny words that might describe their disposition. We talk a lot about Re-Purpose*Re-Cycle*Re-Love ‘round these parts…I do believe that Stephanie Rubiano has hit that nail directly on the head.”


“I am so madly in love with Stephanie Rubiano’s work. Her “Butterfly Boxes” are darkly beautiful mash-ups of vintage portraits, real butterfly wings, scraps of ephemera and tiny blocks of text arranged into hilariously deadpan wordplay. Each piece is one of a kind, and Stephanie does commissions. Get thee to her website. It’s kind of like, if The Shining twins had a baby with the Death’s Head Moth from Silence of the Lambs and then sprinkled that baby with Dorothy Parker pixie dust, this would be the result.”




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