California Dreamin’…Um…Teachin’

So, next week I will be back in sunny CA to teach at two very talented ladies’ studios!  I will be teaching my Butterfly Boxes class at Katherine England’s studio in Fullerton on Thursday, October 11.  This will probably be the last time I will teach this class live…sniff, sniff.  I believe there is one spot left…email me if you think you might be interested in joining us!


Then I will be teaching a class I call “Enviable Encaustic Panels” at Jenny Doh’s Studio Crescendoh in Santa Ana on Saturday, October 13.  We will play with encaustic medium and find out about all of its amazing versatility!!  We will use inclusions like gem tintypes, real butterfly wings, antique laces and sewn papers, just to name a few!




If you would like to come along for the ride (there are still a few spots available!), check out Studio Crescendoh and sign up right away!  It is going to be a blast!  Really…don’t be afraid…I am a trained professional…



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  1. June says:

    This work is amazing! I am constantly inspired and awed at the collage art…and with the wax, how interesting and exciting. I have been attracted to this type of medium for quite some time. I just used wax on my painting of Michael’s almost finished…I used paper, charcoal and wax on canvas, even though you’re not supposed to…it appears to have worked wonderfully…hopefully it will last. In the meantime I’ve been following you since OWOH..haven’t been by in a while…personal stuff…but let me say, I’m so glad I stopped by tonight…you’ve got my juices flowing…can’t wait to experiment some more…good luck with your class…you’re really good at what you do..thx for sharing , june

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