“Encaustic Light Houses” Workshop Classroom Is Open!

So, I have FINALLY finished putting together my second online workshop and it is up and running!


There are about six (count ’em, six!) hours of video instruction and inspiration!  When I teach at art retreats or in my home studio, your workshop fee pays for six hours…but that six hours is me instructing and everyone doing their thing.  The six hours of video in this online workshop is pure instruction!  You get even more in this online workshop than you would with me in person…I am able to give you more ideas, demo more and show you things that I can’t do in a classroom setting.  For instance, I have included videos that take you step by step through the process of basic photo editing and creating printable project documents using YOUR own imagery!  Think of the possibilities!

Generally, a “live” six hour workshop with me costs anywhere from $125-$145…and that doesn’t include travel, hotel, and all important food!  For just $99, you can take my online workshop, learn more, have ‘lifetime’ access to the information and never leave the comfort of your own home!  Score!  If you would like to join us for some waxy house building, you can find the registration link and more information HERE.  The best part?  As soon as you pay for the course, you will receive the link and password information to jump right in and start playing!  Instant gratification!  Hope to see you in the classroom!

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