Encaustic Lighthouses Registration Opening December 15!

So…finally!  Registration will open later this week, December 15, for my newest online workshop, Encaustic Lighthouses!  I know I said it would happen in November, but life got a little crazy busy…I apologize.  I have been working on the videos and find myself filming (dating myself with that word!)  quite a bit as new ideas hit me.  I have taught this workshop “live” several times, but I am excited to be able to offer some new directions and a whole section on how to create the fabric panel designs on your computer to incorporate images special to you!  I couldn’t do that in a “live class”, so this online thing is turning out to be pretty incredible and has me so excited about what I am able to offer you as an instructor!  Find more information on my classroom site through the link below.  I hope you will be able to join me…

Encaustic Lighthouses

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