It’s Been a Quiet Week…


So it turns out that Fiona had a bad case of the flu that is rampaging through the kindergarten classes at her school.


Several classes had half of the students out with illness.  I experienced a very bad moment on Wednesday when my neighbor told me that her son’s teacher had sent an email that there were confirmed cases of swine flu.  Trying not to freak too much, I called the school and they said yes, lots of students were ill.  I immediately called the doctor and got Fiona in.  She was miserable that day with 104 temp, headache and sneezing her head off.  We managed to see the doctor after a round with the receptionist who was giving me a hard time about my insurance card that I had left at home in my hurry.  I told her I really didn’t care about the insurance and would pay what they wanted!  The doctor said yes, it looked like the flu and to just make her comfortable as I could.  He could test for the H1N1 virus, but there was nothing they could do because the one treatment they had needed to be taken within the first 24 hours.  So, back home to get her settled…

Harley didn’t mind the couch bed being open all week…

As I said in the title of this post, it has been very quiet without Fiona’s exuberance.  I spent my time taking care of her, playing games, listening to endless Disney cartoons and making crafts like this to entertain her…


I have to hand it to Martha Stewart’s craft team…these packaged projects have every little thing ready to go for you…although my pig does look a bit like a large pink cat.  I suppose I can’t blame that on Martha…

Poor Fiona would fall asleep at odd times.  I came in to find her like this one afternoon…


I received very little sleep this week and was running on fumes by the time our closing came around on Friday morning.  My mom came to watch Fiona while I ran around to several banks gathering up money to take to the closing. I almost went over the counter and strangled one poor teller when they put a limit on what I could withdraw at one time…but everything went fine and after signing a mountain of papers, the refinance loan was closed.  I won’t be completely easy until I hear that everything funds on September 9.  I had the gallery opening in San Antonio that evening, but I will post about that later.  It was pretty exciting!

Here are a few things I worked on during my down time.  Have you ever had an idea right in the middle of doing something else and you have to drop what you are doing to follow it through?  Well, that is what happened with these pieces!


The idea hit to make these gem tintypes into little pendants and I had to do it!  I am calling them Altered Gems.  I draw and collage on them, then cover them with a coat of resin.


I will attach a necklace bail to them and hang them on thin cables.  I am very excited about them and already have a few favorites that I will have a hard time selling.  (If you click on the photo you can see a larger version and be able to read the text on the pendants.)   I hope to get them in my ETSY store in the next week or two.  I will let you know…


Let me know what you think…

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5 Responses to It’s Been a Quiet Week…

  1. Renate says:

    So sorry to hear about Fiona – I hope she is better by now!

  2. wendy b. says:

    maybe you and fiona can curl up on the sofa together to sleep some this week. i hope she feels better soon… and you have a few less stressful weeks to come. xow.

  3. Michelle says:

    Sorry to hear poor Fiona was sick – she is so cute! Ecstatic to hear about the loan closing and on a more selfish note thrilled to see your name on a list of instructors for Adorn Me!!!

  4. Tina says:

    Hope your baby is better! Glad you got your house stuff taken care of and can’t wait to see the opening at the gallery!! My print came in today!! Thank you 😉 love it!

  5. kecia says:

    aww, sorry about the poor little tot! that’s such a bummer that school has barely started and they are all sick already!

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