My Cat Is Blue…

So Fiona knows that our cat Harley likes to roll in the dust. Unbeknownst to me, she laid a “dust trap” for Harley by making a big pile of turquoise blue sidewalk chalk dust and sure enough, that darn cat rolled in it!

Once I got over the initial shock and shot down Fiona’s request for a bucket of soap and water to help Harley take a bath, I find I kind of like it.  I watched Harley closely for any signs of sickness from ingesting copious amounts of chalk dust, but I suppose Crayola really means it when they say their products are non-toxic!  It has been a week now and the cat is STILL blue!  Some friends came over the other night, saw Harley and said, “Ummmm…is your cat blue, or is it just the lighting?”  It reminds me of the book Why Paint Cats

Thanks to those of you who bid on my butterfly box to raise money for Hope for Haiti!  Sally Paul was the lucky bidder at $200.  Thank you for your generous donation Sally!   With my $100, that is $300 for the fund!  I have heard that millions have been raised for the relief effort, so you see that every little bit DOES help and it DOES add up!

These last two sessions at the jewelry studio have seen me playing with the hydraulic press.  I love this thing!  You cut a die out of acrylic and then place annealed copper over it and with a few pumps of the handle you get these groovy dimensional shapes!

Then you get to enamel them!!!!!

I only have one coat of enamel on this piece, but I love the texture that came out of the kiln, so it is staying like this!

I drilled too close to the edge of this heart, so I am bolting onto a backing piece of sterling silver to create a broach…
And here is a shot of my womannequin in the kitchen…I thought she looked right at home…even better if she could cook!

And here is another tiny house piece in progress…I managed to enamel over the hole that it was supposed to hang from, but a bit of water and careful application of a diamond drill bit fixed that!  I plan on making some kind of dangle for the bottom hole…

Fiona has been feeling very creative…here is a sculpture she made for me…using some old gum she found on the sidewalk as a design element and the adhesive….eeewww!  Washyourhands,washyourhands,washyourhands!!!

And here she is sporting her bling after attending her cousin’s pirate birthday party…

I have been enjoying DJ Pettitt’s Memories and Manipulations class!  The sheer amount of info that DJ is imparting is mind-boggling…which is probably why I am so behind because I haven’t had time to un-boggle.  We are learning a lot about manipulating textures, which has me taking pictures of all sorts of random things.  An iced over wheel rut at the ranch…

A cool cloud pattern in the sky…taken while driving up the entrance ramp to the highway! Eek!

And here are a few very simple digital collages I have managed to eke out…okay, can’t seem to upload them.

Anyway, don’t forget to enter in the drawing for a piece of my enamel jewelry featured in my January Give Away post!  Only two days left!  And thanks to all of you who have already entered and taken the time to post on your own blogs and websites.  I appreciate it!

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18 Responses to My Cat Is Blue…

  1. Pandora says:

    Wow – love the blue cat! I’ll bet my cat would love to be that color too – LOL Thanks for the creative post!

  2. donna joy says:

    the blue cat made me laugh~cat in the bathtub would have been good too ~

  3. Hello from France!!
    Love your “avatar” blue cat ;-)))))
    And I love your art-hearts too 😉
    Have a good day!!

  4. Donna Knadle says:

    Aw, the cat is precious (wearing my favourite colour) and love your enameled pieces! My husband and I took an enameling class about a month ago and sure would have loved that press! See you at Artfest. I am disappointed I didn’t win the bid but am sure happy about the extra money going to Haiti.

  5. Jen Crossley says:

    I love you blue cat very cute.
    OMG this press you have is too die for and your new work.
    Im counting down the days till the give away is announced
    I can barely stand it,not long till you have my first born child yes

  6. denise says:

    HA! not only do I love that Harley is blue, I think it quite amusing the sly imagination of Fiona! Very fun, I’m glad you were able to enjoy it and not rush to clean her off.
    You’ve really taken off with the enameling (I’ve not been around for awhile…) these hearts are great! and the other pieces, too!

  7. Diana says:

    Love the blue cat. Perhaps I should lay a pink crayola trap for my white cat…. Oh and the enameling looks wonderful. I love playing with enamel on copper.

  8. Hi Stephanie! Sorry I haven’t commented in a while – love the blue cat {giggle} very artist of Fiona – (at least she picked a nice color – could have been brown lol) then he’d just look grungy instead of funky! Love your enamel heart btw they look fantastic!

  9. Hi Donna!
    Thanks so much for even bidding…that meant a lot in my opinion. I am sorry that you didnt win. Yes, that press is addictive. I look at shapes in a whole new way now. If only I didnt have to cut those darn acrylic blocks…pain in the rear!!!!
    See you at ArtFest!

  10. Hey Michelle!
    Good to see you again! I know how it is to be away for a while, lol! You made me laugh with your approval of Fionas color choice and how it could have gone oh so horribly wrong!
    Take care,

  11. Teri C says:

    Harley looks quite fetching in blue 😀

  12. SherylF says:

    The blue cat is hilarious! Love it…does she? Your pendant looks great just the way it is. I enjoy working in metal but I’m not going into the enamel thing yet. Good Luck to all! Thanks

  13. wendy b. says:

    if i could guarantee having a blue cat, i would have one. sheesh, picky picky picky .
    the enamel work and your haitian donation are killer. you remain one of the most interesting people to follow (stalk?)…always kind, always thoughtful, always talented… always inspiring.
    thank you. xow.

  14. Shuku says:

    Enamel eggshells and now enamel hearts. Man, I am not a heart person but I’d -wear- one of these for sure! Especially that blue enamel one!

  15. LOL. Love Fiona’s new trend in cat grooming! I think it’s gonna catch on. Between that artistic, creative little girl and that wild and crazy cat — you should have lots of blog fodder! Oh, btw, I remember you falling in love with the hydraulic press in Val Link’s workshop at the U of H one summer. Envy, envy. The studio you’re working in must be awesome. You’re doing wonderful things, as usual.

  16. Those hearts are just Sweet!

  17. Leslie Todd says:

    The cat looks interesting. Very unique! And fun!
    If you haven’t seen the earlier book “Why Cats Paint” take a look at it. Hilarious and very well done.
    I’ve tried taking those cloud pictures from the car but mine never look fantastic like yours. Great shot!

  18. I’ve never seen a blue cat before. Now I just thought it is really cool. Wonderful post!

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