When Art Overtakes Life…

So I have been remiss in posting these last few weeks.  I always get a bit flustered the three or four weeks before the Bayou City Art Festival in October and many things around the house start to fall through the cracks.  I opened up the silverware drawer the other day looking for a spoon, and that made my stick of Burr-Life, precariously perched on the upper counter where I have been working fall into the empty drawer with a resounding crash.  The silverware drawer was empty because I had not unloaded the dishwasher and the sink was filled with dirty dishes that couldn’t be loaded into the dishwasher because it was full…sigh.  I decided then and there to try and play catch up!  I tried to tidy the house a bit, but this little girl just stared back at me from a pile of stuff on the kitchen counter, knowing it won’t really be clean until after the art festival…

We have had quite a few firsts around here lately…first day of school…


first lost tooth…


First piano lesson, first Irish step dancing lesson, first uttering of “I don’t want to take piano, Irish step dancing, fill in the blank, lessons!”, first show and tell, first lost live preying mantis in the classroom (don’t ask!), etc.  In between all of this, I am trying to build inventory for the October show in Houston…



I finally managed to find where this computer stored the photos from the opening reception at Robot Art Gallery at the beginning of September…


Paul and I had a great time at the opening!  Again, it was pretty cool to see my work up on walls that weren’t my own, lol!  Here are a few views…



Here is Paul looking at work by photographer Kevin Rayhons.  Kevin’s botanical prints were just spectacular!


Here are our two favorites…


This is Andrew, the one who found me on ETSY!  Some examples of his work are behind us…


I was introduced to the Michael Mehl, the coordinator and curator of Foto Septiembre, a month-long event that takes place in San Antonio every year.  He then introduced me to Patricia Mendoza who had started this event in Mexico and we had a lovely talk about her work and my work.  She is a well-known historian and artist and is curating a show on the written word and letters in Mexico.  She expressed  an interest in my work because I use original, historical papers in my boxes and might be in contact to have some of my work exhibited in a lovely space in Oaxaca, Mexico.  We will see what happens!

All in all, a very fun evening!  A big thank you to Andrew and Lara and everyone else at Robot Creative for granting me such a lovely opportunity!


I also managed to squeeze in during this time some new work for my ETSY store.  I just love these little pendants made from tiny gem tintypes and hope you do too!


I feel another give away coming on!  If you leave a comment on this post before midnight on Saturday, September 26, I will put your name in for a drawing for this pendant…


I also squeezed in teaching a couple of classes this past weekend for a group who had requested it.  Here are some pictures of their wonderful Butterfly Box projects…




And here are the results of Polymer Pixie Pins, which I hadn’t taught before…


We had a great time!  I am always interested in teaching, so if you have a group that would like to have me come out, just email me and let me know.  Of course, you can also come to a workshop at any of the art retreats that I will be at next year!   Oh, and because I had had several requests and after 2 or 3 hours of banging my head against my computer screen, I finally added a Google Friends Follower widget, so you can join up if you like!  And I also had a huge mail-out (250+) of dues notices and invitations to join for a club that I work for that had to be out by September 15.  So many things to do, so little time…

I usually sit at the computer in the morning to take care of all of the computer stuff that builds up, but I have changed this schedule because I am now trying to exercise in the mornings.  Right before school started, Fiona reached over and grabbed a handful (!) of flab on my stomach as we were sitting on the couch.  I decided that that wouldn’t do, so I started a walking workout after we walk the mile to school each morning.  Two weeks into it and already the jeans are fitting better!  However, my computer time suffers.  So, to those of you whom I owe emails, bear with me!  I will also try to post more regularly, but again, that might fall behind due to trying to squeeze in as much studio time as I can when Fiona is in school.  Thanks for your patience!  Off to play with the butterflies!
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9 Responses to When Art Overtakes Life…

  1. Sherry says:

    You HAVE been busy!!! I need to go sit with a cup of tea to rest just from reading all you’ve been doing!! 🙂
    I have to say the pout on the face in the first photo in your post just cracks me up..I love it!! 🙂

  2. Daniela Hammons says:

    I was so glad to see your post! I was getting worried! Of course I would love to be in the running for the fabulous pendant. I keep telling Emilie to “save the drama for your mama!”. Wait! That’s me! Big hug for Fiona,

  3. Melissa says:

    I just signed up for one of your workshops at the Hampton Art and Soul in May. I can’t wait!

  4. Jennifer Rowland says:

    Love to follow what you’ve been doing. Your little tin types are adorable! Enjoyed looking at your class samples too…What a bunch of characters!!

  5. wendy b. says:

    you are one insanely busy and productive woman. congrats on EVERYTHING, it is richly deserved credit for your vision and effort. xow.

  6. Nikki says:

    So sorry I missed you while you were in town, I was in Vegas visiting my sis. I haven’t talked to Jeanne yet to see if y’all ended up getting together. I always enjoy reading your posts. Fiona is a real cutie!

  7. Michelle says:

    Love your pixies! There is one little bit#@* looking girl that I loved!!! Such a look for a young girl!!! lol Can’t wait to see what caption you put to her! I would love to see you work – how you can cut so precisely…???? Maybe I will be able to attend one of your other workshops next year. I’m planning on coming for the week for Adorn Me and will hopefully get your Sunday class but wish I could do a Pixie Character class with you too!!! Everything looks fantastic!

  8. Michelle says:

    PS The miserable looking one I was referring to is in the first photo of your kitchen counter sitting above the # seven flash card – what a sour puss!!! rofl

  9. Deb Plapp says:

    Hey Stephanie! I love your new stuff! The tin types are very cool, I would love a chance to win!!! Thanks so much! Hope to see you again sometime. I haven’t seen Andrea in a while, but hope to get together with her sometime in the near future. Take care. Deb Plapp P.S. I think I’m just making the cut off for the time!

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